Let us know how you are gifted to serve with Summit!


God has given each of us gifts and talents to use in the church and as the church. We want to make it easy for you to get involved in a way that grows your relationship with Jesus and feeds your spiritual energy. We believe this happens when you are exercising the gifts God has given YOU. Read through the descriptions below and then fill out the form so we can get you plugged into the space God has intended for you!


Prayer List Caller. The prayer list is a ministry of prayer for those who are sick, bereaved, or have other needs. Callers use the telephone or email to contact people on the prayer list with prayer requests.  

Prayer Warrior. Spend time in prayer with information provided from the prayer line. 

Sunday School Teacher. One must see the task as a spiritual calling, more than a job. Will work with the SDMI Director to plan, carry out, and evaluate each unit of study. Interaction with students outside the classroom can also be a vital part of this ministry. Time should be spent in prayer for each student. If the teacher is working with children, they must have a background check. Protocol in the Church Safety Policy must be followed by youth and children’s workers. Arrival before class time of fifteen minutes is expected.

Substitute Teacher. This may be a last minute job if a regular Sunday school teacher is ill or has to be absent. An effort will be made to get materials to the substitute as soon as possible. If the substitute is working with youth and children, they must have a background check. Protocol in the Church Safety Policy must be followed by youth children’s workers. Arrival before class time of fifteen minutes is expected.

Summit KidsTeacher. Preparing lessons and having charge of the children during the morning worship time is a vital part of the children’s ministry. Scheduling and curriculum are under the direction of the Children’s Director or SDMI Superintendent.   

A background check is required. Protocol in the Church Safety Policy must be followed.

Summit Kids Assistant. The assistant helps as needed with preparations and lessons. Teens who are in 6th-12th grade may be assistants. A background check is required for adult assistants.  

Quiz Director. Quizzing programs are available for children and teens. The Diretor will prepare lessons from a set curriculum, practice with the quizzers, and attend with the quizzers scheduled district quizzes. Transportation to quiz meets will need to be arranged. A background check is required. Whoever is the designated driver to quiz meets must be at least 21 years old and have a validated drivers license.

Nursery Attendant during morning worship. Be available during the morning worship hour according to the schedule prepared by the Children’s Director or SDMI Director. A background check is required. Protocol in the Church Safety Policy must be followed.

Usher. Ushers take the offering during the services, but are also important in assisting people in finding a seat and being aware of other needs that might arise. Outside doors (except for the front door) are locked during the morning worship hour. Ushers need to be aware of “suspicious” people who might be on the premises. This kind of situation should be handled with discernment and diplomacy without conflict.

Greeter. A person who is friendly and welcoming is important for that first impression of a newcomer to our church. Help may be needed in showing people where the sanctuary, classes, and restrooms are. It is also important to welcome all of the church family as we come together to worship. Bulletins and other relevant material should be handed out. Help with security is also a vital part of this ministry (see Ushers).

Tech/AV Assistant. Knowledge and operation of the sound system and/or the camera isn’t necessary; training is available. Must be available for practice before the morning worship service and operation of equipment during the service. A computer savvy person can also be of assistance to others in the congregation or teachers who have questions or need help in operating video equipment for a lesson.

Small Group or Bible Study Leader. Opportunities may arise during the year to lead a small group or Bible study in cooperation with the Pastor or SDMI Director. The leader will be responsible for preparing and facilitating the lesson and discussion. Curriculum must be approved by the Pastor. Attendance is reported to the SDMI Director.

Coffee & Snack Bar. Prepare coffee bar for the time of fellowship enjoyed before the morning worship service. There must be awareness of food allergies. Products should not contain nuts.

Celebrate Recovery VolunteerCelebrate Recovery is a faith-based recovery program to help individuals become free from life's hurts, hang-ups and habits by working through 8 Biblically-based recovery principles and the traditional 12 Steps. Our church provides and serves the meal on the third Friday of the month at Cornerstone Church Food and servers are needed..

Third Thursday Volunteer.  Our church sponsors a booth at the Third Thursday event on Grinnell Plaza in the summer. Help is needed in setting up the tent as well as being available to meet the public during the event. Activities include: face painting, running kids games, talking with public.

Visit the sick. This is a ministry of encouragement. A short visit to a homebound person is another way of helping people feel a part of our church family. 

Prepare a meal for a sick or homebound person. Under the supervision of the stewards, meals are prepared when a person has had illness that makes it difficult to prepare meals for themselves or their family. Meals are also served after a funeral where assistance may be needed to help prepare food or help serve the meal.

Handyman.  Don’t assume that the pastor will notice or fix something that is broken. If you see a need to repair something at church take the initiative and fix the problem. This is an area where you don’t necessarily need to get permission to fix something that is broken. However, you should clear any big changes with the trustees

Community liaison. This role would be the eyes and ears of the church in the community. We often hear stories of churches that are full of people ready and willing to serve their community, but simply lack the knowledge of where to start. This person would network with public officials to stay in touch with current needs in the community, or connect with local clubs, scouting organizations, and nonprofits to create partnerships in supporting the community. When a need arises, this person should coordinate and provide volunteers with opportunities to serve the community. He/she should also find and organize resources that are needed within the community. 

Fold bulletins. It only takes a few minutes time to fold the bulletins and have them ready for distribution on Sunday morning.

Transportation.  A driver is sometimes needed to transport children and teens to quizzing and district activities. There may also be occasions when someone is needed to take a person to the doctor or shopping.

Mow grass/yard work. Yard maintenance is an important aspect of our appearance in the community. Mowing, trimming, watering, planting flowers are needed.

Send cardsA timely card can be an encouragement to someone who is confined due to illness or bereavement. This ministry helps people feel a part of the church family.  

Food Donation Overseer.  Responsible for stocking our Food Group box outside our building. Call to action when supplies are low. Campaigning for food drives for both Food Group and the Alternative High school. 

Men’s Ministry Director. Discover the needs of men in the church and help develop their spiritual growth by initiating Bible studies, prayer groups, and social activities. Works with SDMI Director.

Women’s Ministry Director. Identify the needs of women in various stages of life and provide various resources such as Bible studies, prayer groups, social activities and other means to aid spiritual growth and development. Works with SDMI Director.

Online Service Host. Consider yourself a greeter in our online service. Welcome people as they check in. Engage in conversation. Promote community through our live chat. Be available for prayer.

Social Media Volunteer. Plan and post social media content throughout the week to help people stay engaged as a church family. Training and help from Lauren (Pastor's wife) provided. Graphic design a plus, but not a must.