Journey together, one on one.


Jesus' last words to his followers were "Go and Make Disciples." What are disciples? Disciples are Christians learning to follow Jesus step by step, where they're at in their journey. It's the reason we exist as a church. To help others on their journey toward the abundant life that Jesus died to give us.

And it's never been easier.

Thanks to Table Church in Demoines, IA, we have access to a free resource called Discipleship Pathway. It's a 7 month journey through some of the most essential teachings and practices of the faith, and it’s designed to work one on one. A discipler meets weekly with a disciple, working through the Pathway together one step at a time. By the time the disciple completes the journey, they’ve turned around and invited someone else onto the path. All of the content you’ll need to complete the Pathway is free and available online at DiscipleshipPath.com. You can access everything through your phone, or print it out if you love paper.

At Summit, we want to help take the anxiety out of disciple making. If you want to make disciples, but have no idea who may be interested, fill out the form below and we'll pair you up! If you would like to be discipled and have no idea who to ask or where to start, check the box to be a disciple and we'll find someone great for you!